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Renu Prasad Gurudev's Home Page

Bonded Notary Public and Certified Loan Signing Agent

Renu Prasad Gurudev


I am originally from Bangalore, a beautiful garden city in Southern India. Bangalore is also called the "Silicon Valley" of India. I own a consulting company RPGuru Corporation. My family in India, owns a wholesale food grains business C. Gurusiddappa Sons.


I am a software professional, specialized in design, development and implementation of client-server/internet n-tier architecture relational database applications like SAP CRM 5.2 (Modules iBase, Service Contracts, Products), Peoplesoft Enterprise CRM 9 Modules Installed Products, Agreements, Products, Case) Oracle Applications 11i, Oracle 11i (11.5.10) CRM (iSupport, Teleservice, KnowledgeBase, Install Base, Service Contracts), EDI, ERP, E-commerce (B2B/B2C), MRPII, manufacturing, financial, payroll, and other commercial applications. I have a bachelor's degree in Electronics Engineering. I have over 19+ years of proven software industry experience in the roles of Project Manager, Project Lead, Business Analyst, Functional Lead Consultant, Technical Lead Consultant, Senior Consultant, and Programmer/Analyst. [Resume][Renuprasad_resume.doc][Renuprasad_resume_detail.doc]

Professional Hobbies

I build professional business websites as a hobby. Examples of websites built by me are: RPGuru Corporation, Ashraya International Hotel, and Nagendra, Fitness Trainer.


I play shuttle badminton, volleyball, tennis, cricket, and sand volleyball. I have played badminton at the university level during my high school and engineering school days.

Here are my achievements in shuttle badminton:
  • Second place, Doubles, Oracle Corporation, August 2001.
  • Second place, Doubles, Oracle Corporation, August 1998.
  • Winner, Singles, Digital Equipment (I) Limited, 1993.
  • Winner, Doubles, Digital Equipment (I) Limited, 1993.

  • In Open Badminton (shuttle) tournaments in California, USA:
  • Second place, Men's singles, NCCAF Badminton Open 2008, SJSU, August 2008.
  • Second place, Men's singles, KKNC Badminton Open 2008, Bintang, June 2008.
  • Winner, Men's singles, TCAAT Badminton Open 2006, UBC, July 2006.
  • Semi-finalist, C Men's singles, Stanford Badminton Open 2003, Stanford, May 2003.
  • Semi-finalist, C Men's singles, Hai Hwa Bay Area Open Fall 2001, Cupertino, September 2001.
  • Winner, D Men's doubles, Cupertino Tronex Badminton tournament, Cupertino, June 2000.
  • Semi-finalist, C Men's singles, Cupertino Spring Badminton tournament, Cupertino, March 1999.
  • Second place, D Men's singles, De Anza Open Badminton tournament, Cupertino, November 1998.
  • Second place, D Men's singles, Palo Alto Summer Open Badminton tournament, Palo Alto, June 1998.
  • Consolation winner, D Mixed doubles, Palo Alto Summer Open Badminton tournament, Palo Alto, June 1998.

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